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  • A powerful system that will automate every aspect of your Internet business and that will immediately SKYROCKET YOUR SALES - saving you time, work, and frustration!

  • A no hassle - no bother ordering system already installed for you. You can instantly add an unlimited number of products, ship digital merchandise (ebooks, software, information products of all kinds), have credit cards processed for you in real-time - all done WITH NO EFFORT ON YOUR PART. More info

  • A highly advanced affiliate software that will help you get thousands of others promoting your products. And you can have unlimited affiliates (up to 2 tiers), unlimited commission rates, unlimited products, and much more. Initial cost to you? NOTHING! More info

  • Advertising Trackers that empower you with the ability to test your copy, offer, and sales campaigns, so you can maximize the effectiveness of your sales strategies - and MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS! Hit-to-sales ratios, effectiveness of your individual ads, statistics for all your sales, and much more - Completely automated, fully integrated, and oh soooooo easy to use! - so you can find out what works and what doesn't! More info

  • Want to increase sales up to 448%? Follow up on potential customers with Unlimited Autoresponders - the automated system will send a string of timed messages for you - all you do is input your powerful sales messages, choose your timing sequence, and the automated system will go to work for you continuously - around the clock where ever you are - turning subscribers into paying customers. More info

  • Everything above can be integrated flawlessly into on simple and easy-to-use control panel, giving you instant and complete automation - efficient, time saving, and cost effective - improving your profits - GUARANTEED!

  • No need to spend hundreds purchasing a multitude of services and software - everything you need is here in One Package and for One Low, Low Price of Only $39.95/mo!



-- From: Benjamin Hanania

"Dear Fellow Marketer,

Want to know the KEY TO SUCCESS in online business?

In a word, AUTOMATION!


The most successful online ventures are successful because every aspect of the business is automated!

With the proper tools in place, you can process thousands of orders and hundreds of thousands in revenue without lifting a finger - regardless of how many visitors you get, orders you process, emails you send, and regardless of whether your efforts are currently efficient.

MakeMyBizFly can totally automate everything for you - so you can enjoy life - sleep late, spend time with your family, see a movie, go to a show, play golf, go on a vacation - all the while making money with no hands-on work!

But ... and here's the BAD NEWS ...putting this system in place could cost you ...

  • hundreds of dollars monthly for ready made services - or thousands of dollars to hire professional programmers to design solutions for each of your sites, not to mention ....
  • days or weeks of time, frustration, and the headache and inconvenience of trying to orchestrate and coordinate each individual process so they will work together as a coherent whole.


    If you're going to enjoy any success in your online business, you absolutely must have an affiliate program to help sell your products, an ordering system that's both secure and automated, a system of autoresponders so you can follow-up leads with sales-generating email, digital product delivery, and seamless amalgamation and complete automation of the entire system.

    If you DON'T, you could be losing more than 95% of your sales!!


Our Completely Automated eBusiness System will ......

  • Drive traffic to your site for mere pennies!

  • Track your advertising campaigns, sales copy, follow up emails, so you can Maximize Your Profits

  • Track all Affiliate Sales - your affiliate will automatically be send a "thank you" email, credited with his/her commission, and the customer information stored in your online database so you can send follow-up emails at any time you choose - and increase your profits with back-end sales

  • Automatically process credit card transactions in real time, instantly and securely - putting stacks of cold, hard cash into your bank account while you relax, play, sleep - whatever.

  • Immediately deliver digital products without the need for your involvement in any way, shape, or form. The customer immediately receives their digital product (ebook, software package, info product, or Web Site access) no matter where you are, or what you're doing - automatically).

  • Automate follow up emails to visitors to your site, and immediately turn them into cash-paying customers.
  • Plus, you'll have sophisticated tools at your disposal, like the ability to add a shopping cart to your website, an online catalog, a search box, and much more - giving your website that "professional" look that will drive sales.

  • The process will be repeated over and over again every day, week, and month, making you money with every sale and with absolutely no intervention by you! So you can make money while spending your time doing whatever you wish!


Now putting all the pieces together yourself would take an immense outlay of cash. Just consider what it would cost you if you were to purchase separately the individual components needed to run your Internet business.

Ordinarily, it would cost you...

What You Need
Initial Costs
Monthly Fees
Customer Management Panel
Automated Ordering System
Affiliate Software
Email List Manager
Autoresponders for Follow-up
(price for one - you'll need 3 minimum)
$17 X 3
$17 X 3
Digital Delivery of Products
Ad Trackers
Programmer Fees

IMAGINE! That's roughly $2,000 JUST TO GET STARTED!

And that's before any sales - before you even begin making any money, you'll have to "cough up" about 2 grand, and hope your Internet business will prove successful! Then an additional $350 - $400 or so just to keep your business running.

WOW! Even IF you begin making profits right away, your expenses will really cut into your bottom line!

But with MakeMyBizFly
The Problem is Solved!

No need to spend weeks on end and a small fortune to get your Internet business up and running.

MakeMyBizFly will get you started in 54 minutes or less - GUARANTEED! And with NO initial outlay of cash. You'll save weeks of time consuming work, loads of money, and unimaginable frustration. You can begin making money right away with our fully automated system - easily and efficiently - and without hefty setup and operating expenses cutting into your profits.

In no time at all, you'll be able to...

  • Process credit cards in real-time and instantly deliver your digital products.

  • Begin your affiliate program and have thousands of affiliates promoting your products all over the Internet, escalating your profits 300%, 400%, 500% or MORE - the sky's the limit! - with NO EFFORT on your part - all you have to do is count the profits!
  • Enhance your website with a shopping cart, online catalog, search box, and "Check Out" link - organize your products into groupings of your choice, making them easy to find - and purchase - when your customers visit - increasing your sales. Don't know HTML? NO PROBLEM! MakeMyBizFly generates all the code for you.

  • Track your results - so you'll know exactly which marketing campaigns are working (and how well) and which are not. Track your sales and ROI and empower yourself with the knowledge you need to explode your sales - this is powerful stuff!

  • Set up follow-up emails - using the built in autoresponder software. Your sales will skyrocket as your powerful sales copy goes out to your potential customer continuously on whatever time schedule you desire. And you'll be able to set up unlimited messages, send to unlimited subscribers, on an unlimited number of lists. At NO EXTRA CHARGE! You can even have the system transfer subscribers from your prospects list to your customers list whenever they make a purchase - and it's all automated!

  • And the whole process is totally automated! And you can set it up from just one, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand control panel.

Why do business the hard way?

You can spend a small fortune, work hours and hours, and endure the frustration of managing orders, payments, mailing lists, affiliates, answering emails, manually tracking sales, calculating ROI, learning and writing code for your website's shopping cart, pop-up windows, search boxes, online catalog (or paying someone else a small fortune to do it for you) and generally doing all those time-consuming and mind-numbing tasks that take over your life.

OR ......


you can spend time with your family and friends, relax, go on a vacation, pursue your favorite hobbies - or begin new projects, all the while your sales are increasing and your business thriving.

And you can start RIGHT NOW!


No need to endure the bother and frustration of trying to incorporate your customer database with your follow-up mailing lists, your customers' payments with your order fulfillment system, to calculate payments to your affiliates, to learn - or hire someone else - to write the coding needed to streamline your website - in other words, getting all the parts of your business mechanism to work together.

MakeMyBizFly does it all FOR YOU!

MakeMyBizFly lets you put your business on autopilot ... so you can get on with doing... whatever you want! ... all the while making money automatically .. EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP!

It can't be overemphasized ... MakeMyBizFly does it ALL! ... every component of the system works together in perfect synthesis .. GUARANTEED!

Forget about ...

The hassle of paying affiliates
The stress of fulfilling orders
The frustration of trying to "do it all" and getting it all to work as an integrated whole
The worry of not knowing what advertising campaigns are working .. and which aren't
The hair-pulling irritation of
trying to "code" the tools needed for your web pages
The uncertainty of whether you'll ever be able to recover your initial costs
The profit-draining expense of setting up and running your Internet business
The mind-numbing and time consuming work that never seems to end....

Just ask yourself the following...

Did you go into business so you could spend more time doing the mind numbing tasks? To increase the stress and frustration in your life? To spend more money than you need to? So you would have more things to worry about? More things to agonize, fret, be anxious, and lose sleep over?

Of course not!

The last thing you need is more stress in your life! You're in business to IMPROVE your life ... to make money so you can enjoy the things you would like to be doing.


Elements of the MakeMyBizFly Automation System

Just minutes from now, you can have ...

Credit Card Processing and Digital Product Delivery
  • Place an "Order" button or link on your website, and begin accepting orders within minutes.

  • Set up single order buttons, or a full "shopping cart" on your website .. you can even have an online catalog, and include a "search" box, making it easier than ever for your potential customers to find - and purchase - your products.

  • You can use your existing merchant account and begin accepting payments right away through some of the primary gateways.

  • Don't have a merchant account? You can use your existing PaySystems, Revecom, 2CheckOut, or PayPal account.

  • Forget about hassling with intricate CGI programming! MakeMyBizFly creates your order pages for you. Just enter the information about your product, and PRESTO .. your order pages are created straight away!

  • Custom design your order pages with your own logo, color, background and text. Too much work? Use the default design - it's as professional-looking as anything you can fine on the Internet, and can be set up in an instant.

  • Cloak Technology allows your customers to download your digital products without knowing their location.

  • Create a customized HTML "thank you" page for each product you sell. Use your own text formatting, colors, graphics - even link to related products to encourage "back end" sales.

  • Built-in affiliate software allows two-tier commission schedules, and allows you to customize commission payments for each of your products.

Unlimited Follow-up Mailing Lists to Skyrocket Sales
  • You can create an unlimited number of email lists (at no additional charge), giving you the ability to broadcast promotional materials to your prospects any time you choose.

  • Enroll and store an unlimited number of subscribers in your database (at no additional charge). A thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand - and it doesn't cost you one penny extra.

  • Create an unlimited number of follow-up emails on any schedule you choose to set. The built-in autoresponder will sent them out automatically, so you can promote your products again and again. Plus, you can personalize each message with your prospect's name.
  • Automatic subscription - when a prospect purchases your product, you can have him automatically add to your prospects list for that particular product. Follow-up with a "thank you" letter, and promote related products of interest to the buyer, sending your "back-end" sales through the roof!

  • Automatic unsubscribe -- set it up so that when a customer makes a purchase, MakeMyBizFly automatically takes them off your prospect list and moves them to your customer list. You'll never have to worry that a customer will continue receiving the same email as your prospects - plus, you can promote back-end products to those who have already bought.

  • Use the built-in autoresponder to train, help, and encourage your affiliates. Let them know about new products, marketing techniques, where to get the tools needed to succeed in selling YOUR products.

  • Increase your subscriber rate more than 150% with subscription boxes and pop-up forms. When a viewer enters or exits your web site, a form pops up allowing you to offer a "Free Subscription" to your newsletter or mini-course. This technique will build your subscriber list faster than you can say "Profits". Don't worry - you don't have to know a thing about HTML. MakeMyBizFly generates all the forms and pop-ups for you. (Hint - here's a remarkably potent tool to encourage signups - offer a "Free Gift" for subscribing.)
  • You never need lift a finger to remove subscribers who wish to be taken off your lists. The MakeMyBizFly system automatically inserts a "Remove" link at the bottom of every email. All the subscriber need do is click on the link, and he is automatically removed. Saves you time and worry!


Completely Automated Affiliate Program
  • Recruit an unlimited numbers of affiliates to sell your products for you 24/7. Just imagine! Thousands of "salesmen" working for YOU, selling your products and making YOU $$ - and it doesn't cost your one cent ... or one minute of your time!

  • Set up a single or two-tier commission structure. Plus, you can customize the structure for each and every product, for as many products as you wish!

  • Customize commission structure for individual affiliates giving you complete control of every detail of your affiliate program.

  • "Integration script" allows you to give your affiliates the impression everything is controlled from your domain while it's actually MakeMyBizFly making it all happen for you.

  • View a "Statistics" summary showing total affiliate sales along with your personal sales - allows you to find out who's doing the best job of promoting your products.

  • The easiest, most efficient commission payment system possible - upload commission to PayPal for automatic payment. Or import into other applications that permit automatic check writing.

  • Broadcast emails to your affiliates whenever you wish. Give your affiliates tools and advice on how best to promote your products - making more money for YOU! Allows complete personalization at the click of a button, including affiliate name, ID, account information, and much more.

  • You'll give your affiliates access to an all-inclusive "affiliate center" (set up by MakeMyBizFly) that allows you to offer promotional materials, training, graphics, links, and more - with an affiliate code automatically added to each HTML link. All your affiliates have to do is copy and paste coded links into their promotional pages or email. You can even send out automated follow-up emails to your affiliates - offering them training, encouragement, and advice so they can make more money - and more money FOR YOU!

  • An unlimited number of affiliates promoting an unlimited number of your products. Plus the ability to offer unlimited training and tool so they can better promote your products. Just imagine what that will do for your bottom line!.


Advanced Tracking Capabilities
  • The MakeMyBizFly advanced tracking capabilities allow you to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, allowing you to channel your advertising dollars into those that are most profitable - and stop wasting money on those that aren't!

  • It saves you the time and bother of doing your own calculations. You'll view conversion rate, sales rate, expenses and profits with a single click. And when you're ready to test changes in a current campaign, just reset your tracker with a click of your mouse.

  • Using the advanced statistics system, you can track banner ads, ezine ads, pay-per-click campaigns, and search engine traffic. With just one click , you can view number of visitors, sales, and ROI - and more. And it costs you not one penny!

  • The "System Statistics" will show you were your traffic is coming from, so you will know not only your sales rate, but where your sales are coming from.
  • All the same tools available to you are also available to your affiliates, making your affiliate program an exceedingly potent tool for increasing your profits.
  • Set as many trackers as you wish. You can track and test a limitless number of campaigns with this extremely powerful tool!



Without a doubt there's no better system anywhere to run your online business. Everything is completely automated, orders, processing, tracking, operating an affiliate program, and whatever else you could need.

If you're not using MakeMyBizFly, you're missing out on profits... you're paying far too much... and you're spending way too much of your time and suffering way too much frustration needlessly tending to your business, when MakeMyBizFly could be doing it all for you. Time you could be spending with your friends and family, relaxing ... or starting new projects. After all, isn't the whole reason for your Internet venture to make your life better?

Just minutes from now, you can...

  • Automate your entire venture and eliminate wasted money, wasted time, and needless hassle... putting more money and free time into YOUR hands..
  • Save thousands of dollars in initial costs, and hundreds in recurring monthly expenses - all those expenses that sap your profits and can kill your business.
  • Not only will you save on expenses, but you'll put into motion an Automation system that will skyrocket your revenue by:
      • Giving you the tools to recruit thousands of affiliates eager to sell YOUR products
      • Allowing you to test and track your every advertising campaign, so you get the most from your advertising dollar.
      • Turn visitors into paying customers
      • Enable you to follow-up automatically on prospects, turning them into a steady stream of sales.
      • Allow you to follow-up on previous customers and explode your profits with back-end sales.

  • Enjoy your life while the MakeMyBizFly automated system boosts your profits by an astounding 449% OR MORE!

  • MakeMyBizFly really is the FINAL WORD in state-of-the-art Internet marketing tools and automation. Once you've used MakeMyBizFly, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. In fact we're so convince you'll find MakeMyBizFly an indispensable tool in your Internet business, that we're prepared to go way beyond a simple guarantee of your satisfaction.

We'll PROVE it to you!

100% Money Back Guaranteed No Risk Trial!

Try MakeMyBizFly for the next 30 days. Use the system to process an unlimited number of sales, manage an unlimited number of affiliates, track an unlimited number of advertising campaigns, and manage an unlimited number of email lists and follow-ups.

If you're not absolutely elated with our time saving, money saving, and profit generating system, just email the billing department and you'll get an IMMEDIATE 100% REFUND - no questions, no hassles, and no nonsense! You take absolutely NO RISK!

How can we make such an offer? Because we know that once you've tried MakeMyBizFly, you'll decide our powerful marketing tools and completely automated system an is an indispensable
tool in operating you're Internet venture. You'll NEVER want to go back to the "old way" of doing business again! ... wasting time, wasting money, and filling your life with the very stress and frustration you had hoped to eliminate.

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to get started in under 29 seconds!

PS - Don't forget! This is a limited time, introductory offer. Start now and LOCK IN this special pricing. At any time we may decide to increase our exceedingly low rates.

PPS - The same tools and services would cost you about $2,000 initially and another $350 - $400 each month thereafter. You can try it now at NO initial start-up costs. There may never be another opportunity like this again, so DON'T DELAY!



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